Welcome Home Trust Tanzania

Supporting the Orphanage Karibu Nyumbani

  • The object of the Welcome Home Trust Tanzania (WHTT) is the relief of people in need in such parts of the world as the trustees shall determine and in particular, but not exclusively, by supporting the charitable work of the Karibu Nyumbani Orphanage in Tanzania.
  • Welcome Home Trust Tanzania are currently focussing on supporting the day to day needs of the Karibu Nyumbani orphanage in Tanzania. We have a strong working relationship with the orphanage’s co-founder Fiona Hendy.

  • Karibu Nyumbani currently cares for 20 children between the ages of 3 and 10 and has a long term vision to become a self-sufficient community. Welcome Home Trust Tanzania share this aspiration but in the short term our emphasis is on securing funding for the day-to-day essentials of the orphanage.

  • The longer term plan for Karibu Nyumbani is to grow the orphanage and to build a school to meet the needs of its children as well as serving some of the children from the local villages and the wider community. The building of the nursery which is the first stage of the school project has just begun and is currently being funded by an overseas donor and an overseas grant. Welcome Home Trust Tanzania recognise how important education is for the futures of the children and will support this venture as funds allow. However, our priority today is to secure enough regular and sustained income to cover the daily needs of the orphanage. When this income is secure Welcome Home Tanzania Trust hopes, also, to be able to support the school project.

  • All donations are gratefully received but we are especially encouraging our supporters to consider becoming a “Friend of Karibu Nyumbani” by giving a regular donation via Welcome Home Trust Tanzania. A regular donation would help us with continual daily support of the orphanage and to budget for future maintenance projects.


Read more about their remarkable story here: https://www.karibunyumbani.org